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unchanged, and in still other cases the gallbladder may
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Table. — Diphtheria in Michigan in 18S6 : Exhibiting the
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liable to it. This patient presents an exception to the gen-
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author, however. It is a little too bad of him to contribute by
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ammonia. This method of procedure presents, particularly in medico-legal
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of special interest in conneetion with it is, that diir-
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cabinet for home use. — Professor Chiene read a paper on " Experiences
digoxin toxicity treatment phenytoin
the Intestine. X. Delore and M. Patel. — ^Two cases are
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Koncesvalles fell on evil days. The march of events deprived them of
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" The congestion of these important systems of veins
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details of many illustrative cases. The chapter on treatment
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follows that the burn had not been produced in the living body; the
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Breveer, performed the same feat {Centralblatt Jur Chi-
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strictly speaking. Any marked deviation from the normal
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Surgeons can not be too particular in reminding the
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desire for alcobol (alcoholic inebriety). Mania-<t-iiiilu, or "craxy dninkennoa,"
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U, £63, 7s. 6d. per month. Admission to the benefit of
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rie ; Two Cases of Puerperal Septicemia due to Streptococcic Infec-
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Teeatment, — This must be conducted upon the same lines as
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propranolol hcl (inderal) and digoxin (lanoxin) side effects
of iodine), to the ounce of lard. This is rubbed in very
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of zymotic poisons in this respect. It takes up its abode by prefer-
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according to this theory, enjoys immunity from its dele-
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.\ ^iiumi- i- 111. nil' frniii ilic lluiil, nr, if lui\ , Ir.'iii il- i riit ril'iiLTtl
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exact this of me when they have succeeded in proving that the greater
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ter is offset by a financial inability to cope with the
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its own vitality, and becomes misshapen. When fluid collects
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derangement, that the general system may often be overlooked
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such wonderfully extensive and varied powers should certainly by this
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In the boy a ridge, with its convexity towards the median line, extends from
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ciated with the general affection I have described, that one cannot but
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283. — Warier (A.) Des trauraatismes oculaires graves
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his garden in India, " out of some English earth in which other seeds
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almonds nor egg be ordered, but only gum or sugar, it
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other provinces. But, except in the upland districts, the summer
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sleeping; she cried in her sleep, had violent nervous attacks,
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duced are important factors not only in determining the thrombosis but
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angina developed periods of asystole (2 to 5 seconds) after a
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the grasp of death. But the world too often fails to
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In 1891 the death rate in Rochester was 11.6 per thousand, less than in any
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and epithelium of the papillary conjunctiva, accompanied
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tant rale, or as if two sticky surfaces were being drawn apart.
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The diagnosis lay between tuberculosis and typhoid fever.
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undertaking the treatment of a variety of cases in an
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apparently well, to awake in the morning paralyzed in one or
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in his practice wiChm the past year, hoping they may contribute something


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