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The patient cannot stand upright nor walk and has to be carried on a stretcher. The white spots and the abnormal vasoconstriction reflexes are due to the abnormal ac tion of the sympathetic fibers that go to the blood vessels of the skin; for, the vasoconstrictors are sympathetic fibers. Instances, however, are not uncommon of pronounced diabetes "duetact side effects" in which the thirst is not excessive; but in such cases the amount of urine passed is never large. For a full consideration of the theories of jaundice the reader is referred to William Hunter's article in Allbutt's System of Medicine.

In favor of this view is the large proportion of cases in neurotic women. .Nuisance, board of health can not Operating case, compact, foi mili Operation, liability for delay of.

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The fever lasts from three to seven weeks.

However, an insidious degeneration of kidney-structure may manifest itself many years later, an urgent condition sometimes developing. Study of a favorable section of an isolated patch shows: (a) A dilated central bronchiole full of tenacious purulent mucus. After meals the patient complains of distress and oppression in the epigastrium; eructations, and an occasional regurgitation of the acid liquid or solid contents of the stomach, with heartburn, will also be noted. By placing these children in bed and elevating liernias disappeared within six weeks.


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