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 Himcolin De Himalaya


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dition occurring in a variety of diseases and from numerous causes than

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sudden death, a termination which in our experience has especially oc-

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in the urine, and this disappears in the course of a few days when an

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In some cases of cardiac dropsy relief may be obtained by mechan-

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disease, but some of them may aid from time to time in the mitigation

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in the ureters and bladder. The smaller the canal the less readily re-

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instances there is not much nausea or vomiting, these symptoms may be

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outward and downward, and attributable to an extension of the growth

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more characteristic. Cough and thoracic pain are conspicuous, and the

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first shows but little daily variation, but exacerbations take place as new

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ment considerable; fragments pass each other; deformity of face

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of 102 F. he should be freely sponged with cold water, the person being

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rated, the surface of the kidney injected, perhaps dotted with punctate

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These points have been dwelt on at much length, because they are

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cular power, with muscular atrophy especially affecting the domain of the

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superior to the breast-milk, if it be of good quality ; it may be right

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whilst lying upon a firm, hard surface. Various apparatuses have been

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unsatisfactory hygienic surroundings ; it also occurs in mercurial poi-

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from the kidney by its superficial position and the absence of an over-

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to give the arsenic hypoderniically : five minims of Fowler's solution

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in benevolent ministrations, and we will no longer witness the shock-

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Among the irritant poisonings may be mentioned the cases in which

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upper line of thoracic dulness is likely to be convex, its highest point in

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The most frequent of them are connected with catarrhal irritation of the

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motor zone, they are palliative rather than curative, and act only while

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The importance of the recognition of an abscess in the fat-tissue sur-

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wrinkled, dry, rough, and scaly, and of a brownish tint. The nails are

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be infected while caring for a syphilitic patient, and the syphilitic virus

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