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Indian cuisine is becoming more and more popular every day. So if you're trying curry for the very first time or even a connoisseur I think you'll find the next few pages of interest.

There are approximately 30 different types of herbs and spices used to create Indian dishes , and it is the many combinations of these herbs and spices that make every dish individual an unique, Basically their cuisine is based on the delicious mix of herbs and spices which suit almost any palate, not only are spices used for cooking they also have many healing properties which are invaluable for curing a wide range of ailments.

For first timers looking at a menu can be quite confusing as there are so many dishes to choose from, you wouldn't want to order a Madras, Jal Frezzi, or Vindaloo first time, even though you may not have experienced the delights of Indian cooking you may already know that these are some of the hottest dishes on the menu.

Indian meals are quite filling especially if eaten with the traditional Chappati, Nan bread, or Rice so unless your sharing it's probably best just to order one or the other if you don't have a big appetite.

If your dining with other people it may be a good idea to order a different dish each so you can try different tastes, many people tend to order the same meal everytime they go to a restaurant and do not move any further down the menu to experience the many flavors of spicier dishes, I suppose I will never understand why it is that the many people who go to dine in all types of restaurants never try anything more than the basic meal just because they are afraid to try something out of the ordinary when it should be the extraordinary flavors of the traditional dish that entice us there.

Starters range from the simple Lentil soup or Papadom to the more tastier Tikka or Tandoori, Papadoms are usually served with onion and mango chutney, whereas Tikka or Tandoori are dry and served with a little salad garnish.

There are many types of Nan bread including Garlic, or Keema[mince meat] whereas Chappatis are quite thin rather like a pancake.

If you've only ever eaten plain rice try one the many different varieties on offer you may never want eat boiled rice again, rice is not only served as an compliment to curry but also as a main dish such as Biryani served with a vegetable curry sauce.

Indian desserts are such delight to eat you don't have to stick to ice-cream, try tickling your taste buds with a Banana or pineapple fritter, Mango Sherbet, Lychees,or Gulab jamuns to name but a few but if you really must have ice-cream then try Kulfi which is a real experience.

There are a few restaurants that don't sell alcohol mainly because of their religious beliefs but would not mind if you took your own, Lager goes best with curry but if you prefer Wine they may charge a small fee to open it for you, this is called corkage, or drink water with your meal as they do in India though drinking water with curry can sometimes make it taste hotter so it's best not to drink it during your meal, save it for when you finished or there's Lussi a smooth cooling drink made from yoghurt and a little water with salt or sugar to taste.


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