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tlie average temperature is a degree above the normal. Eraaeiation may
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form of enteritis three or four leeches may be applied to the abdomen,
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kidney ; these masses are usually wedge-shaped, and
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Copper colic may be distinguished from lead colic by the fact that the
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was largely through the atmosphere, devised means whereby the air
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nodules are oftener met with than diffuse miliary tubercles. It is denied
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cases, the eruption becomes hemorrhagic as soon as the papules have at-
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come inflamed, of a bluish-purple hue, are friable and break down and
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Anesthesia means insensibility to pain. The word was coined by
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Eanula. — Eanula is a bluish -white, semi- translucent, ovoid tumor
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colic. An examination of the urine may reveal echinococci booklets. In
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pachymeningitis was the cause of death. In very rare instances, abscess of
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artery. Serious injury may be done to the veins in the neck, also the
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tolic (*' fever") murmur heard over the heart. In the severe cases, during
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conditions present, will enable the physician to determine the amount
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the radius is on a lower level than that of the ulna, while there is no
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jury. The coronoid process will become, as it were, glued into the ole-
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Active liyperffimia of the liver is an abnormal determination of blood
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may be relieved by the application of leeches over the precordial space.
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It seems to increase their power, but has little or no effect when adminis-
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movable shining spores, lonir and oval, nine micro-millimeters in diameter. This fungus was cultivated,
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second, the morning temperature will be about 100° or 101°, and the evening teniperatiire 10:j°-lfM°. In
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is booming or splashing, and is accompanied by a thrill not transmitted in
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of the convoluted tubes near the tufts, cause the tufts to almost touch
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structures to separate. Ordinarily in a vascular area like the hand,
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importance. All the clothes and excretions of the patient should be dis-
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by the spitting of bright red, frothy, arterial blood. A very profuse bron-
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patient is now constantly in danger of sudden and fatal syncope from press-
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opment of the connective tissue cells is called a scar or cicatrix.
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or kidney, the prognosis is unfavorable, but when it is not dependent upon
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The deformity depends upon the part of the spine involved and
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overcoming the stricture often present and in removing the spinal
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The tongue is dry and covered with a thick white coating ; the coun-
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of the stomacb. Sometimes these patients complain of a sickening flutter-
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the clot is sufficiently absorbed. When the diffused blood disappears,
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within the first week. Chronic lobular pneumonia may be complicated by
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elicited, then iodide of potassium may be given in large doses, with the
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5. Fat Embolism. Fat embolism may occur in case of fracture of
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membrane is injected with a fine aborescent vascularity ; it is sometimes
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The exact cause of metastatic parotitis is obscure. The reason of its devel-
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whether the fluid is cerebrospinal or not. The points from which the
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diagnosis. Certain conditions may arise in "which it will be difiRcult
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teenth day after the operation. Subsequently she made a com-
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increased by the develoj)nient of new tissue. The function of the affected


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