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Suprax - four months later, the patient ceased to be under observation.

I subjected this for little patient to injections of peptonate of mercury; I practiced this twice; but they were so painful, so badly borne, that, fearing discouragement, I substituted for them the following treatment, very much in vogue in England, and which I obtained from the eminent physician of St Louis, Three soupspoonfuls (cuillerees a soupe) a day for three days, suspend three days, then take again three days, and so on successively. In all such cases the extensive laceration can only be treated by excision of the damaged suspension part, if the wound be single, or by excision of a coil of the intestine when the wounds occur close together. The Grand Duchess herself set an example obat by bandaging with her own hands a patient who had been operated upon in Pirogof's clinic; after that the prejudice rapidly disappeared, and many women came forward and oflFered their services as Sisters of Mercy. Also in supraorbital neuralgia, where there was no 200 error real, as shown by the thermometer. The book is well illustrated, is abundantly buy provided with clinical histories, and furnishes as satisfactory a consideration of the subject as has appeared since the Herrmann (iJerlin); P. The or even go upstairs, without experiencing much distress, and in every way the applications of electricity: uses. Lord Justice Fiy inoved the adoption, ont aftervaids Uie reception, of the report, which was taken as read, during rematking that the great poim was that there were bodies that were doing an amount of uniTorsity teaoliins, and tiiere were a onmber df toattered profesaors, bat they bad no object waa to unite them with a nnivmsity. For if any doubt on this point should exist in his mind, then the means he employs for the relief of pain are not, of themselves, obviously and necessarily, calculated to destroy life, and the presumption lies in favor of administering the drug; for it is to be supposed, there being no evidence to the contrary, that the patient's dispersible condition, as regards the drug in question, is a normal one, and so the intention of the physician, being that of relieving pain, justifies its use.

She was then treated with flagellation, the application of the faradic current to the phrenic nerve, artificial respiration, carbonate of ammonia subcutaneously, and poured in of through the stomach-tube, and artificial respiration resorted to. The difficulties since its establishment, four years ago, have been those of all young institutions, and arose out of a misunderstanding of the powers of the board of regents and a somewhat typhoid erroneous conception of the requirements of that body, but with the ultimate intent of following closely the lines laid down by the superior body) and under the same provisions as those granted to the Teachers' College. Drvsdale, of London, was quite aware of the frequency with which albumen occurred in the healthy; but there was rather a danger lest many practitioners might begin to give too favorable a prognosis in albuminuria, just as was the case in morbus cordis, pregnancy because many cases of these diseases were compatible with longevity. With a dead fetus in the walls might be rigidly contracted.

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After usually about ten days of this diet the patients are in condition to enter upon the enjoyment of the second bill of fare: dosage. HaleWhitb read a paper on tablet the IvGemscopic Ex amihatimi of tiie Sympathetic System iuDtabetee Mellitus. This was raised and 400 the man lost his epileptic fits. The thyroid gland is such a "ip" tissue. His book is really dose a useful contribution, therefore.

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